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Weavolution’s For Sale or Trade Forum. Again, you have to join as a member to post.

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  1. I have a LECLERC – DOROTHY 24” (23 ½” weaving width) TABLE LOOM.
    Purchased in 2001.
    8 shaft, 12 dents per inch, 600 wire heddles.
    Two shuttles, 11 bobbins, one reed and heddle hook, several spools of fiber, (weaving material , wife was the weaver). Other accessories, instructions and “WARP AND WEAVE” book.
    Send me your email address and I will send pictures.
    Price $875.00
    Avon Lake
    Bill Joy, 440-420-1632, email –

  2. Harrisville 36″ floor loom for sale. 4 harness, 6 treadles. Includes bench, warping board, and lots of accessories. Great condition. Pick up in Stow area. or leave message at 330-686-5835.

  3. Michael H Holliday says:

    Extra Large Upright (Vertical) Warping Mill –
    Maple –
    Excellent Condition –
    68 in. Tall with a circumference of 12 ft. –
    I will email pictures upon request…
    $450 –

  4. Lynn Geiger says:

    I am liquidating my mother’s estate in the Akron area and have the following to find good weaving homes for: 1) Gilmore 40 inch, 4 harness, #8 reed, purchased 1982; 2) Blonde Warping Wheel; 3) Yarn Winder; 4) Shuttles; 5) Walnut Kniddy Knoddy; 6) Miles Standish Spinners Lithograph; 7) Books, Yarns and Many Accessories.

    Total Value is approximately $1,500 and Pictures are available by email.

    Lynn Geiger

  5. Kathy Kalamar says:

    Fireside 54″, 8 harness, 12 treadle , cherry loom for sale. It is loom # 693 built by Gary Swett in 2004 in Port Ludlow, Wa. I am the original owner and it is from a smoke free home. Includes 12 dent s/s reed, extra heddles, worm drive tension and 42″ commuter bench. Paid $7000 and asking $4500.00 Pick up only, Warren, Ohio.
    email Kathy at if interested.

  6. Julie Beal says:

    I have two looms for sale.
    The first is a vintage Arthur Weitzenfeld Tools of the Trade table loom from the late 70’s, early 80’s. It is a 4 harness loom with the levers in the front. I cleaned up beautiful wood, replaced almost all the hardware with new stainless steel. I have the original heddles, but since I thought I would do some heavy weaving on it, I changed the heddles on two harnesses to new large inserted eye heddles. I gave the whole thing several rubdowns of Howards to feed the wood and mink-oiled the leather handle and tag. Two of the harnesses are slightly warped, but as I only know how to weave on a two harness Saori loom, I only have two harnesses on the TOTT loom. I also purchased a Viking 6 dent reed for heavier weaving as well, but the 12 dent original reed is in excellent condition.
    I am asking $350 for this loom. I reside in NE Ohio for local pickup.

    I am also selling my Japanese Saori Piccolo floor loom, the smaller of the portable looms. The Piccolo is a 2 harness, two treadle loom with a small footprint. Along with the ease of weaving on this folding loom with its small footprint and lightweight portability, the legs 2 height adjustments children and adults weave comfortably.
    For more information and a picture of a Piccolo, see the Saori Global website at

    My Piccolo has the bobbin winder and shelf listed as optional on the page, and has other amenities as well that are specifically for the Piccolo and won’t fit my other Saori loom. The Piccolo is barely used, and gently at that. It retails for $1125, only available from Saori dealers, and I am asking $950 with local pickup in NE Ohio.

    Please email if interested

  7. Sheri Gittinger says:

    I have decided to let my lovely Majacraft Rose spinning wheel and all her accessories go. She has been lightly used and looking for a good home. Here’s what is included:

    Rose wheel (double treadle, 2 whorls, delta & fine fiber orifices)
    2 wood bobbins
    6 plastic bobbins
    Plying Kit: Delta orifice with 2 large capacity wood bobbins
    Woolee Winder with FOUR bobbins

    EXTRAS: denim padded travel bag, lap cloth, Rose lazy kate, spare tension spring and little basket to hold tools on the wheel
    Will not ship, but will consider meeting part way in northeast Ohio.
    Price for entire package is $1600.
    Contact: Sheri at if interested. Thanks.

  8. Barbara S White says:
    Excellent condition: Nilus 45″, 12-shaft/14 treadle low castle jack loom with changeable sectional/plain warp beam and large storage bench full of accessories. $3000 OBO. Delivery optional. Located in SE Ohio. Pictures via email upon request.

  9. Christine Robertson says:
    1983, 50″Beka, jack type, 8 harness, all hardwood floor loom with matching bench to sell ,best offer over $2000. Original owner, located for transport from Dallas TX area. Treadles are lost & under frame jack post broken on one side. I have the piece. Box of assorted decorative natural fiber yarns and hardwood shuttles, textbooks on weaving design. Email best,
    Photos available.

  10. For sale is a four harness floor loom. It was built from directions in Workbench Magazine in the July/August 1964 edition. Its overall size is 55″ wide, 55″ deep and 50″ high. It has a 45″ reed and six treadles. I have made rugs, a velour pillow cover, two scarves, and several yards of fabric. We are downsizing to get ready for a move and this is why I am selling it. Asking $500.00. Email me at for more information. It is listed in Mansfield Ohio area craigslist. Possible delivery available. Thanks, Terry.

  11. Shelley Marchand says:

    I have a Macomber CP-11 4 shaft loom for sale. It is 18″ wide. I live in Youngstown, Oh.
    Am asking $450. It has newer heddles.
    Contact Shelley at

  12. I have a Macomber AD-9 Harness Loom CPG 3085… its a baby loom with 6 pedals in very nice shape. I don’t know very much about it, I would like to get $400 for it or best offer. I can send a pic or two if needed. Akron area is where I live, the loom is 24 inches wide and 35 inches tall. i can be reached at if interested.

  13. I have a Macomber AD-9 Harness Loom CPG 3085… its a baby loom with 6 pedals. I don’t know very much about it, I would like to get $400 for it or best offer. I can send a pic or two if needed. Akron area, the loom is 24 inches wide and 35 inches tall.
    Email John at

  14. Debra Gressel says:

    I have a Macomber Type B Folding Loom for sale. It is in excellent condition; I am the original owner. It is a rising-shed style loom with 56″ width, 4 harnesses and 6 treadles. Up to additional 6 harnesses may be added by purchasing from Macomber. Additional equipment is included.

    The loom is located on the second floor of my residence near Cleveland. Purchaser will need to move the loom which may require some disassembly. Price is $1,400, cash only. Due to earlier comments concerning spammers on this site, send a comment back on this site with your contact information if interested and I will get in touch. Thanks.
    Contact: Debra Gresser at

  15. Helen Ladrick says:

    I am looking to purchase a used loom around January or February 2018. I can pick up the loom myself as long as it is not huge, (then I may have to arrange for a moving van). Ideally, I am looking for an 8 shaft, but will be willing to buy a 4 shaft loom at a lower price. Any brands are acceptable: Macomber, Schacht, etc. The most I am willing to pay is about 800$. Please let me know if you have a loom available!
    Contact Helen at:

  16. Becky Ross says:

    For SALE
    Harrisville Design 36″ 4 harness Floor Loom and Bench. Warping board and accessories. Great condition
    Moving out of state and cannot take. Cleveland area.
    Loom alone new is priced over $2,000.
    All yours for $950.

  17. Toby Ganz says:

    I have an 8 shaft Baby Macomber 24″ loom I would like to sell. I stripped and refinished all the wood. It has brand new heddles, a brand new plain back beam and its original sectional beam, and brand new wheels and castle storage box. I live in Cincinnati. I am will to meet you in Columbus. Asking $850.00
    Email if interested and I will send you the photo.

  18. Catherine Wooley says:

    Nilus Lecler 45″ Floor Loom and Bench. Warping board and accessories.
    Moving to a new home and cannot take.
    Akron area.

  19. Kata B. says:

    Miriam R, are you still wanting an Ashford Sampleit loom? I have an 8″ one, extra heddles in numerous sizes. Will ship from NE Oregon.

  20. Schacht 4 harness loom is offered.
    I believe you will agree that it is gorgeous. I understand that it cost
    over $1000 when new. The people who are donating it take very good care of
    things. We will be picking it up on Saturday, April 22nd which is the first
    day for donations to our Trinkets ‘n Treasures rummage sale. The sale
    itself will start on Wednesday night, April 26th from 5:30 to 8:00, $10
    admission. The sale continues Thursday and Friday from 11 to 5 and Saturday
    until 12:30. The sale will take place at The Federated Church Family Life
    Center, 16349 Chillicothe Rd., Chagrin Falls, OH 44023. I am not sure when
    on the 22nd the loom will arrive at the Family Life Center. It can be
    viewed there on Sunday, April 23rd from 11 to 4 and on Monday and Tuesday, 9
    to 5, and Wednesday from 9 to noon.
    We are hoping that it will find a good home. Thank you for your help in
    publicizing this opportunity.

    Mimi Bathgate
    440-338-8773 (home)
    440-665-6903 (cell)

  21. David George says:

    I’m looking for the ratchet mechanism for the wakeup roller on a Union 36 floor loom.

    I moved, and accidentally left couple of parts in the attic of my old house.

    the item in question is a black metal bar with a latch at the end of it that engages a cog on the take up roller (front).

    If anyone has an old union loom for parts, please give me a shout.


    David G.

  22. I would like to update everyone that my 60″ Macomber Ad-A-Harness Loom that I had listed for sale has been sold. I want to thank all of you that inquired.

  23. I am looking for a used rigid heddle loom. The small Ashford sampleIT heddle or equivalent would be ideal. Thanks!

  24. Glimakra USA has all of the items I am talking about on their website pictures. If you send me an email I will happily send you pictures of my personal loom. For some reason this page does not let me paste a photo on to this ad. SO sorry.

    This countermarch loom has 8 shafts currently but can hold ten [5150 new]. It is in absolutely ideal condition with all the bells and whistles. It comes with two boat shuttles one still new in the bag [45$ ea]. You get two of the sweetish winders. Bobbin [142$] and quill [115$] with bags of both quills and bobbins. There are shock cushion feet called stadia loom feet that are 135$ and worth their weight in gold. They keep your loom stable and make it easier to work on, low impact on your floor and easier on your arms and back. It comes with the bench [279new] and additional extras such as books and a HUGE and I mean HUGE already on the back ready to tie on once you get it home warp. It is a linen beautiful yarn you will love. You will be able to make yards and yards of blankets, afghans or scarves. I didn’t intend to be selling this beauty. Bought it with the intent of keeping it for ever, and warped it with the intent of using it for a very long time without re warping it. It makes a lovely piece as you can see from the photo included. I made a very small sampler piece before I came into a situation where i am in need of selling it asap. I also have a lovely warping board that attaches to and is made for this particular loom purchased new by me used just the once at 173$. I am asking 3900. firm. You will NOT be able to find a better deal. This loom with everything you could possibly need or want will keep you happily weaving for years – it is already warped and you have all of the accessories you would need to purchase if you went into the store to buy it new. These looms don’t wear out – they simply get more smooth with age. I also have the basic books if you’d like to buy them at discount when you come to pick up this loom. It is housed in a private room at my b n b seen here You are welcome to be my guest for free when you come and I will help you disassemble it and mark it so you can easily reassemble it at home. It is not a difficult process at all. As a matter of fact you will feel like it is an old friend by the time you have it all safe and set up at home and you’ll enjoy it all the more for having had the chance to see how it comes apart. It will make more sense putting it back together. Just give me a call or email – or 731-504-8380. Happy to answer any qs.

  25. Tabletop Warping Mill for sale. This is a vintage (circa 1980) mill that is in excellent/barely used condition. I believe it is a Beka, but have lost the paperwork long ago. Crossbeams: 27 x 27, Frame: 19 x19, stands 26.5″ tall. It has ball bearings that help it spin easily. Asking $200 obo with seller paying shipping from California. I would be glad to share photos. Please email me at

  26. Hello Dolores,
    Just saw your comments. I will guide you to the guild’s web page. There is a tab there, “for Sale”. You may use it to list your looms and request for what you are looking for. The suggested guidelines are helpful.
    Regards, Nancy

  27. Dolores D Tighe says:

    Looking for 8 harness Macomber or Schact loom with weaving width close to 30″. These looms offer different widths.

    I am selling a 45″ LeClerc with reeds, lease sticks and shuttles. Has brand new apron. Best offer accepted. I am looking for either of above looms to replace this one. We have moved to a condo that is too small to accommodate this loom.

  28. kelly wilcox-baird says:

    22″ weaving width Structo Loom 705. Estimated manufacture date 1934.
    All original parts except for harness ropes.
    Expandable to 8 harness.

    Included is another undated 705 for parts I bought with expectation to expand to 8 harnesses. Do I know how to upgrade it? No – I was going to wing it! LOL

    Sititng on a home made stand using original mounting holes on frame of loom. If you want the stand you can have it!

    email for pics!

    kelly{dot}wilcox-baird{at} road runner }dot{ com

    Selling it to fund an upgrade.
    Asking $300 willing to negotiate
    I will ship but estimating it’ll be expensive. Willing to meet for exchange.

  29. Kathy Kalmar says:

    In search of 4H Baby Mac 20″ Macomber workshop loom. Prefer newer model in excellent condition.
    Contact Kathy at

  30. Greetings,
    I have a floor loom for sale. I am not a weaver, this is what I believe I know about it;
    I think the brand is Glimakra.
    It looks like it has 4 shafts and 6 treadles.
    It looks like it has string heddles.
    It has a sectional beam.
    It is set up as countermarch.
    Everything in the pictures with the loom itself is included in the purchase, it looks like there is a warping board (attached to the back of the loom), a bench, a raddle, and a bazillion sticks, all nice plusses!
    Please send me an email for pictures. I have disassembled it and it is currently in storage in Ann Arbor.
    $600, pick up,only.
    alklev at Yahoo dot com
    Please know I am trying to avoid spam by spelling out the address.

  31. Kathleen Lopes says:

    Thanks, Carol. I send report in to FBI as well and also called my local police dept. His name actually WAS Fred Antony and I don’t know why I put ‘John’!!! Hopefully he will move on to another place and leave the weavers alone!

  32. Also, you can report internet fraud with the FBI. Here is the website:
    I sent in all the information I had on Fred Anthony. I doubt that anything can be done, but at least he’ll have a harder time scamming on the Cuyahoga website!

  33. Kathleen Lopes says:

    Update on my spammer. I told him that I knew he was spamming and to leave me alone and that I have a cousin in the NSA (true). What happened next was more scary – I went to send his email address to my cousin and all the emails from him disappeared off my phone and computer. That means he must have been inside my computer. Will find out and go from here. BEWARE!!

  34. Gail Ross says:

    It’s important we share this sort of information. Prior to selling my
    Mighty Wolf to a very nice and honest weaver, I had an e-mail from a woman
    (?) who said she’d purchase the loom and needed information to do a direct
    deposit to my bank (i.e. needed account info) because that would be “safer”
    for me (haha) than sending a check. (for the record, I not only nev
    er heard back from her when I suggested she use Paypal, but that turned out
    to be a great way to sell the loom for real but you do need to be sure you set it up for friend to friend payment so you don’t get zapped with high Paypal fees)

  35. Following up on Kathleen’s post to reiterate the problem with scammers on this site. I also heard from a rather persistent scammer named Fred Anthony after posting that my rigid heddle was for sale. I am sure he will use a different name once he realizes we are onto him, so sellers beware!

  36. Kathleen Lopes says:

    I was spammed after putting my table loom for sale here. Person named John Anthony who said he was interested in buying. Be careful as spammers are out there. Can’t believe they have gotten into this site!!

  37. For sale: Schacht 25″ Flip Rigid Heddle Loom with trestle loom stand and Flip loom trap. Beautiful and in excellent condition, the loom was purchased new in January 2016 and has been used for only one project. I received another loom as a gift so no longer need this one.
    Asking $450 plus shipping for a $530 retail value. Please contact me at:

  38. Three things that need a new home:

    Almost new Schacht Mighty Wolf loom, 8 shaft, stroller and high castle tray. reed and extra heddles, new price $3408. price, $2400

    Brand new in the box Schacht Ladybug, New price $715 price $600

    Louet Blending board brand new. New price $179, price $150

    email if interested, thanks

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